Benefits of using designed wood floors

Benefits of using designed wood floors

The best oak floors in the family business

The beautiful wooden floor gives the room an atmosphere. For many years, natural oak floors have been the preferred type of wood flooring used worldwide. Not only does it look good, but it is also durable and durable. However, it has various limitations. It changes with time and humidity, sometimes swells and sometimes shrinks. A much better alternative to use would be the designed wooden floors. It looks just like oak and lasts as long as natural wood.

The designed wooden floors are made by gluing a layer of solid oak on laminated mon plywood. The plywood should have 10 layers and 15 mm thick. Each layer is glued in opposite directions. The solid oak is then glued to this plywood and should have a thickness of 6 mm. A strong and effective adhesive is applied to provide a firm bond and proper adhesion. The result is an attractive, natural-looking floor that is more stable than a normal wooden floor. It is impossible on a good quality technical floor after it has been installed to determine if it is a solid oak product.

The use of designed wooden floors has many advantages. Its stability gives it minimal movement, if present, unlike the massive oak. Regardless of the temperature change, the floor remains still. Unlike natural oak, it is neither porous nor wet from moisture; it does not swell or requires expansion when placed, like a massive oak.

It is easy to install.

A variety of patented installation methods can be used that require less time than fixed floor installation. It can be installed as a floating layer, as a nailed floor or as an adhesive bottom layer. On floating surfaces, the male and female system locks the axes together. This method allows them to freely adjust their size based on humidity and temperature change. Some people also take the floor designed with them when moving into a home because it does not permanently adhere to the surface when it is installed as a floating floor.

Likewise, designed floors are easier to repair. It is easy to sand in areas where there may be bumps and scratches. When buying a designed wood floor, the floor should only be purchased with a 6 mm wear surface, so that it can be easily sanded again and, if necessary, finished during its life.

Designed wooden floors can be used in low humidity environments, such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. It can also be used in radiant heating systems such as underfloor heating. Natural wood floors are not suitable for such areas because they shrink, become loose and rise. On the other hand, designed floors can withstand all of these and work well enough if you buy a quality product from the right company.

It is ecological.

The plywood is made of abundant softwood and fills up quickly due to its rapid growth. It is also convenient because the cards are wider and longer; this means that there are fewer panels than those required by natural wood floors. It is easy to clean and is largely durable.

The biggest disadvantage of a designed wood floor is that it has fewer repair options if you buy poor quality material that so many retail stores now seem to sell. Only floor coverings whose upper surface, as mentioned above, can be finished. If you buy cheaper finishes of 3 or 4 mm, take special care when sanding to avoid removing the veneer. We advise you to stay away from this type of product if you want quality work that lasts a lifetime.

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