6 best tools for important electricians

6 best tools for important electricians

As with any other technical task in the house, you will need an electrician to do the wiring and repairs.

Electricians cannot do their job effectively without some tools. Some of the most important tools that should never be missing in the electrician’s toolbox are:

Fish tape

This tool is useful when you need to pass a solid or stranded cable through a PVC or metal conduit. A cable lubricant is available to help electricians pass the cables through the pipes. The fish tape is cheap, so the electricity expert has no excuse for not having it.

This may seem confusing, but electricians also need hammers. They use the hammer to fix the boxes with nails on the house posts. It is essential to choose a good hammer that does the job perfectly and prevents damage.

Measuring tape
This is one of the most important tools for any electrician. The expert will use it to measure the heights of plugs and switches. It is also useful for centering accessory housings in homes. This tool is not that expensive either.

Wire stripper
Sometimes, an electricity expert will have to cut off the insulation of electrical wires to solve the problem. Amateur electricians will do this using their teeth, which is very dangerous because the cable may be alive. Professionals use wire strippers to cut the insulation. These tools have different cutting teeth to treat wires of different sizes. In addition, they have a cut part to cut the thread.

Voltage detector

For every electricity expert, safety is a crucial part of their job. He or she must observe all electrical safety rules. The voltage detector helps the expert quickly check if there is current or voltage in an outlet or cable before he can perform another action. Some detectors must be turned on with a switch, while others are automatic. Others use their thumb as a switch but do not cause any damage.

The electricity expert needs a screwdriver to connect the switches and wall sockets more quickly, as well as to disconnect them during repair and replacement. There are many types of screwdrivers. The best are those that allow you to insert different blades to open different types of screws. The screwdriver should also have a good handle to make work easier and faster.

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